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Allowing your cat to come and go as they please is the primary benefit of Cat flaps or Pet Door. Not only can it make your pets life a great deal easier it hugely beneficial to you the owners as well! No more loss of sleep from constant meowing and scratching

Most cat flaps are plastic as this makes it lightweight and weather proof. They’re white, but there are also different colours like brown available to match your décor.

So which type of cat flap is best for your Cat and your home?

The conventional cat flap although cheap to purchase has one main disadvantage, it can allow in unwanted cats as well as your own, They tend to look slicker in appearance as they have fewer functions.

Locking cat flap will give extra security, this type of cat flap gives you options to set as ‘in-only’ and ‘out-only’. This is great in inclement weather and for keeping out other creatures but not ideal in allowing your cat the freedom to come in and out. Usually circular in appearance and are almost identical to the eye as a classic cat flap.

An Infrared cat flap can give you more control and your cat more freedom. These cat flaps come with an infrared key which matches a sensor on the door so that when you attach the key to your cat’s collar, the cat flap will only swing open for your moggy. Curvier in style to the classic cat flap and more imposing.

Magnetic cat flap similar to their infrared cousins allow you to give access to your cat by way of an individual magnetic tag. The magnet unlocks the mechanism when your Cat wants to go through. Identical in appearance to the magnetic cat flap.

A Microchip cat flap is much more expensive than the above; It works by reading the microchip within your cat. As the chip is unique to your cat, it will then only allow access to your feline. Much more robotic looking and square to accommodate its extra features and batteries.

Average size cat flaps are 21 cm wide whereas the largest is 29cm therefore check before you purchase, consider age, height, breed and temperament.

When deciding on which cat flap to buy consider the personality of your cat, how urban your neighbourhood is. What is the age of your cat, older cat are naturally less active? Do you have a dog? Usually, dogs can be a replant for other cats entering your home.

Also importantly bare in mind how many cats you have in your home, it is not unusual for an owner to own more than one cat, each cat has a different personality, and you must consider the great good when purchasing your cat flap

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