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Help, my cat sleeps all day and is a party animal at night! Like humans, cats go through phases, and can also get insomnia. Kittens (those under 1 year old) can drive you crazy with sleep deprivation. It all goes back to their ‘wild cat’ roots where they would have mostly been nocturnal. But fear not, your cat can learn to let you sleep in peace.

Sometimes when cats wail/yowl, they may be after attention, but they may also be unwell, so a trip to the vet is a good idea to start with for a check-up. Cats can’t tell us if there is something wrong, but like a baby, they can vocalize it instead. Get your cat treated if needed, and then they should settle.

The other thing you can do is to keep them mentally stimulated – cats are smart animals and can easily get bored and then start to show behavioural issues.

Things like scratching posts, cat toys, laser lights to chase, window perches, and hiding treats can help to stimulate their mind and body. It’s not just about tiring them out with exercise, but also their mind.

You may also need to undo bad habits – perhaps when your cat was a kitten, you’d respond to their wake-up calls with a cuddle or a treat. And now this has come to be expected… Next time, try and ignore the calls and stay put. Easier said than done, but hopefully after a few nights of no reaction from you, your cat will leave you be at nighttime

Do you feed your cat as soon as you wake up? This can also be an issue – cats are clever and will start to harass you for their morning feed. You could try starting your morning routine first before dishing up your cat’s breakfast.

A bad night’s sleep is no good for anyone – hopefully, by trying some of the above, you and your cat can get some rest.

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