When Can A Kitten Be Allowed Use a Cat Flap?

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When can a kitten

As Cat Flap fitters we regularly receive calls from customers who have bought new kittens.They are full of excitement about the arrival of the new pet and are keen to get a cat flap fitting sorted ASAP.

Many of our cat loving customers are diligent and are looking ahead to the future; they want to establish cat flap fitting costs and the options they have available to them.

I aim to write further blogs giving advice on what to do when bringing your kitten home, introducing it to the family, etc., But first feel I must address the burning question many new owners have, and that is when to let your kitten go outside for the first time?

We will always state you must keep the young vulnerable cat safe inside the home until a week after the first set of vaccinations, usually three months old. If your cat has been neutered, then our advice is to wait until Kitty is five month.

Although this is great for the cat to get to gain access, I’m often asked why do I not recommend fitting a cat flap into front door?

Cats love independence and want the ability to come and go as they please, I have written a previous piece on where in your home you should install a cat flap read it here.

Once the time has elapsed, and you are happy that the kitten is ready it is always best to choose a warm still day to allow them outside for the first time; It is very important to get Kitty comfortable with the new external environment and always ensure Kitty know their way back indoors.

Most cat lovers would agree it is a really good idea to get your kitten microchipped; this has benefits of a Kitty being on a national database. If they get lost, it will increase the chances of being reunited with you. Also, it will allow you the option of installing a microchip cat flap. We urge you to speak to your Vet for further advice on permanent identification using a microchip.

Visit our cat training page for more in-depth advice on training a cat to use a cat flap; we are cat lovers and experts in installations of cat flaps into wood, uPVC, glass, and double glazing.

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