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Moving somewhere new is exciting – but also stressful – for you and your cat! Here is some advice on how to keep your cat’s stress to a minimum.

You can’t remove the stress entirely, but you can do a few things to help reduce it. Things like transportation, where you are heading, and cat carrier – cats can be stressed or scared by the sight of the cat carrier coming out, as it is usually to do with a trip to the vet.

To help overcome the fear of the cat carrier, you could try leaving it out in the house for about two weeks before the move. Try and put it somewhere where your cat would usually relax – kit the carrier out with some familiar, cosy bedding, cover it with a towel or sheet to disguise it a bit. You could also pop some treats inside – anything to make it appealing and comforting to your cat long before the day of your big move.

Where possible, it’s also best to take the cat to the new house in a familiar car/vehicle with you, rather than a removal van. Just trying to keep things as familiar and reassuring as you can.
It is also a good idea to set up a room or area in the new house where your cat can be whilst you sort out all your boxes. Just somewhere that your cat can relax, have a drink and some food, a litter tray, and space to have a bit of a mooch about.

When you arrive at the property, pop the cat carrier in the room that is specially set up for the cat, open it, and sit quietly and calmly with your cat for a bit. No need to interact with them just let them acclimatize to their new surroundings. It’s best to keep the cat in this room until they seem to be relaxed and comfortable. If they look uneasy and are easily spooked, then they are not ready to explore the rest of the house. It can take a few days for them to settle in, so perseverance is key.

Good luck!

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