Terms Of Business



1. Payment Policy

Once we have conducted a site survey of your glass or received a self-measure you will be issued with your proforma invoice; it will include a link to make a secure online payment.

Once your booking is confirmed and payment processed, we will give you an exact date of installation. This will be in 5 to 7 working days or whenever is convenient for you.

2. Making Changes

Once you have paid for your order, the glass will be ordered. Once payment has been received by us, no changes can be made to your order without an additional charge. For example, if you choose a different cat flap after ordering, the glass may need to be remade, as the cat flaps vary in size. Bespoke and customized goods are not subject to cancellation rights under the Consumer Rights Act.

2.2 Cat Flap Choice 

Once your order is paid and confirmed, we are unable to make changes. Cat flaps vary in size so please be sure to choose the correct one that meets your needs. Different manufacturers use different vent hole sizes, and it isn’t always possible to just swap one cat flap for another.

2.3. Spacer Bar within Glass

We will order as close to the colour of your existing bar as we can, but there may be a slight variance in colour and grain of the material. This is because some older spacer bars have been discontinued or no longer comply with new fire regulations, particularly matt finished, smooth spacer bars.

2.4. Bead/Frame Around Glass 
Tools are used to remove the beading around your glass and to replace it after fitting the new glass – this can result in some small marks on the bead, but our fitter will do their best to keep this to a minimum. Regretfully, getting glass out of the frame requires puncturing the bead.

3. Damaged Glass
As previously stated in all communication, glass takes 5 to 7 working days to manufacture. It is unlikely, but there is a slim chance that due to the nature of glass, it may crack or break during loading or transportation. Great care is taken to avoid this and we do appreciate that this is inconvenient to us both. It is rare, but if it does happen, we will let you know at the earliest opportunity and will reschedule your fitting date as swiftly as possible.

3.1 Deglazing of your existing glass

Great care is taken when deglazing your existing glass.  However, glass is fragile by nature and it may crack or shatter on removal, particularly if it is old. We cannot be held responsible if this happens. Although unlikely, if your frame is made out of timber then there is a greater likely hood of the glass cracking due to the way that it is removed. On rare occasions, glass is foamed or glued into the frame meaning there is no alternative option but to break the glass.

3.2 Wood hack out

With wood doors it will be a glazing `hack out`, It will be your responsibility to redecorate afterwards, we strongly advise clients to wait a period of a week before you can touch up with paint so that the silicone or putty can dry properly. As experienced Glazers, we will always endeavour to be as delicate as possible. However, there is an increased probability that the original glass may break on removal, dependant on how tight the wood fits around the glass.

In rare cases, the original glass is not pinned into the timber but glued at manufacturing level during production at the factory. If this is the case, we are left with no option but to break the glass to enable us to remove it.  Also, a side effect of removing the original glass from timber is that the wood bead may splinter.

We have no alternative but to cut away at the original paintwork ( often some older frames will have layers of paint jobs ); We feel it is our duty to inform you that the frame will not look as aesthetically pleasing to the eye once the glass is replaced., however a lick of paint usually will rectify this.

4. Older generation UPVC windows and doors with brittle gaskets

New generation uPVC windows and doors have gaskets situated around the beads. A Small percentage of older uPVC frames have the gasket situated around the glass. Over time this gasket becomes brittle and shrinks. We do not provide new gaskets as part of our fitting service; we will have to use your existing gasket. Please be aware that once the gasket is removed from the frame, it may be stretched or contracted making it impossible to realign it exactly as it was previously.

5. Moving spare glass should you choose to keep it – Health & Safety

We always advise keeping the spare glass once we have fitted your new pane.  Should you choose to keep the existing glass, we must leave it within 1 meter of where the cat flap is. We often have requests to place in sheds, lofts and even under beds.  Our fitters under our policy must decline as moving glass anywhere but to and from our vans is not risk assessed. Glass is fragile by nature and it may crack or shatter on removal, particularly if it is old. We cannot be held responsible if this happens. 

6. Programming a microchip cat flap- Cat welfare.
We are strangers to your cat and to protect its welfare, it will be impossible for us to handle it in any way as we wouldn’t want to cause it any distress.

Programming the cat flap is easy – just have a look at the videos on our website: –

We also attach a PDF of the instruction manual for the microchip cat flap for your reference. On page 6, it explains how to programme your cat to the cat flap.

We will fit your cat flap or pet door directly into your door or window. You will then be able to programme your cat to the cat flap yourself.

Once we have fitted your cat flap, your kitty will need to learn how to use it. You may be lucky and your cat will use it immediately, or it may take a few days – please see our website for some tips and advice. I am sure you can appreciate that due to time constraints, we can’t stay to witness your cat using the cat flap.

As cat lovers ourselves, we urge you not to force your cat through the new cat flap –this can be very distressing for them and can deter them from using it. Cats are intelligent and inquisitive animals and they will in time figure it out for themselves with some gentle persuasion and a touch of bribery…! (Dreamies should do it!)

7. Your booking

Our fitters are contracted Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm we will endeavor to work around your schedule.

7.1 Traffic
Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the UK road transport system. We pride ourselves on punctuality and will always leave our depot on time. However, it is inevitable from time to time that we get stuck in traffic, particularly around the M25 and in urban areas.  We will communicate with you should this occur.

7.2 Weather
Your fitting is weather dependent. We at Cat out of Glass do not fear getting wet, but heavy rain and gales (maybe even snow?!) may affect our ability to complete your fitting.

In most cases, we will do our very best to carry on. However, if your glass is outside glazed or an aluminium strip down it would be impossible to complete the install in adverse weather conditions.

If your door is wood, then it would be impossible to waterproof it in heavy rain. Put simply, the acrylic and silicone would not set.

Carrying large pieces of glass such as sliding patio doors is hazardous in strong winds.

7.3  Heath and Safety-Access to your home – 
Please check that children and pets are in another room and supervised whilst the glass is being moved and doors are left open. Carrying glass is hazardous and to comply health and safety requirements, we must leave doors open to gain access to your home. Therefore, we will not be able to close the door behind us until we place the glass down. Due to health and safety law we must wear steel toe caps while fitting glass, should you be worried about your carpets we are more than happy to use disposable shoe covers over our boots.

8 Guarantee

OUT of glass Limited hereby offers the following guarantee terms in relation to this installation.
Sealed units are guaranteed against defective workmanship and/or defective materials for a period of 5 years starting from the installation completion date.

Double glazed sealed units conform to European Standards EN 1279 Parts 2 & 3.

The Company shall have no liability for defects resulting from improper use.
The following exclusions apply to the Guarantee this guarantee does not cover any accidental damage (including glass breakage), blockages, wear and tear,

  • misuse and improper maintenance of the product

  • this guarantee does not cover any problems associated with fading or discolouration if improper chemicals or methods are used

  • any unauthorized repairs or alterations will automatically invalidate the guarantee