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Want some control over your pet’s comings and goings? Then you’ll love the new Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Door Connect! Just download the app and then remotely, you can view and control when your pet pops out and when they can re-enter. You can also keep an eye on their activity.

This is a pet door, making it suitable for cats and small dogs. From anywhere in the world, you can choose when your pet comes in and out. From your phone or tablet, just use the app to remotely lock and unlock the pet door. You can also receive notifications as to when your pet goes out to explore and when they re-enter the house again. It also gives you an insight into their activity – when they go out, how long for, how many times etc. This can also indicate changes in behaviour which in turn can be connected to their well being.

Have you got a cat that likes late night parties?! Then you can set a curfew and keep them in! (Spoil sport…;-) ) The app can be used to keep your pets indoors at specified times. Cleverer still – the app can be shared with friends and family and pet sitters.

When purchasing a Pet Door Connect, make sure you also grab a ‘Hub’ – this connects the pet door to the internet. And if it’s going into a glass door or window, you’ll also need the glass adaptor.

As with other Microchip pet doors, the Pet Door Connect will read your pets chip and ensures that the pet door is only used by your pets – no visits from strangers!

This is a fab product and is already proving a hit with our customers! It is easy to use and provides a valuable insight into your pets behaviour and habits.

Thanks for reading! We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters. For cat flap installation and advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.

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