Thinking About Getting a Cat? A Cat Flap Fitters Guide to What You Should Consider

Cheap Cat Flap Installation in London - Cat out of glass

Cat Out of Glass

Cheap Cat Flap Installation in London - Cat out of glass

Firstly, have you lived with a cat before? Is there a chance that you could be allergic to them? If you have allergies to pollen for example or other airborne allergens, then it is likely that you will be allergic to a cat. Sadly, a lot of cats end up in re-homing centres as the owners are allergic to them, so best to check before you get a cat.

To find out if you are allergic, visit a local re-homing centre and spend a few hours there with the cats to see if your eyes or nose itch or are irritated at all. You should also take family members with you, especially if they are prone to allergies. Failing that, you can also get an allergy test done and find out that way.

Another consideration with taking on any pet is your lifestyle. Do you like to go on holiday often? If so, who will cat sit for you? Or do you have a good cattery nearby that you can use? Although cats don’t need as much interaction as a dog for example, they do still need attention and can easily become lonely or bored. Will you be out all day? Will they have a play mate? A bored kitten/cat will get into mischief – scratching furniture, knocking things over – things that amuse them, but things you may not take too kindly to....!

Do you have a baby or are you expecting one? Cats can be jealous creatures and there is also the danger of a cat lying on a sleeping baby if the cot is not covered. You will also have to split your attention between your baby and entertaining your kitten/cat, which is a tall order and arguably not fair on you, the baby or the cat.

Most homes and families can accommodate a cat, but it is best to think it through fully before getting your kitten/cat. You’ll also need to consider what you will need to buy in terms of cat food, food and water bowls, microchips, cat flap, litter tray, litter, toys and scratching posts. And of course, any vets bills that may/will arise over time.

When choosing a cat flap, it is best to choose one that best fits you and your cat’s needs – is your cat likely to get very big, thus needing a larger pet door? Is it agile enough to get to where the cat flap has been installed? Do you live in a built-up area with a lot of other cats? If so, a microchip cat flap is a good idea.

You also need to think about whether you want an older cat or a kitten – kittens are cute, but also full of energy and will need training, whereas an older cat may be calmer. A visit to a local re-homing centre is a good idea as there are always cats that need a new home to go to. The re-homing centre can help to guide you on the cat’s character and nature, as some may not be keen on young children for example. They may also check where you live if it is near a busy road, it may not be suitable.

Thanks for reading! We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters. For cat flap installation and advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.

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