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Occasionally when fitting a cat flap into double glazing we can kill two birds with one stone, often conservatory windows or doors have misted up it’s a common problem particularly with North facing properties.

When customers want their cat flap fitted we always where possible try and pick a double glazed window or door that is misted to replace with a vent hole for the cat flap.

In the glass &glazing industry, this is referred to as `broken down sealed unit`,

What’s, a broken down sealed unit and why does this happen?

It is moisture getting into the glass and cannot escape. Usually, this is caused by the British weather. You will discover double glazed windows that are more exposed to the elements at your property fail quicker.

In autumn and spring when air gets in between the two pieces of glass they will expand in the cold then when there is a sudden change of temperature, like a warm spring morning, the stress will break the double glazed unit seal and water or moisture condensing on the glass becomes visible.

There could also be other reasons why the double glazing unit failed; poor manufacturing may be at fault or even the way the glass is fitted into the framework, In 90% of cases I would say it is the environment that causes them to fail?

Often I hear stories from customers that a double glazing salesman has informed them that a whole new frame is required. This is nonsense UPVC, wood or aluminium frames are designed so that the glass can be replaced easily.

So do not fall into their sales techniques of buying whole new window frames the best solution is to replace the double glazed sealed unit. Changing the glass means no alteration or disruption to the framework, and if you can get a cat flap in at the same time, then you have saved a lot of money.

We are cat lovers and fit pet doors into glass, double glazing, UPVC and timber across the south east should you need further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

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