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It is often a headache to decide where to install a cat flap in your home.

Sometimes you are restricted by the structure of your home.

Your back door might be the obvious place to install a cat flap, but some people do not have this option due to the layout of their garden.

Cats are very territorial and like nothing best than going around on patrol of their neighbourhood.

We have at times fitted two cat flaps for the same customer in the front and back of the property to allow their cat the freedom to roam.

Although this is great for the cat to get to gain access, I’m often asked why do I not recommend fitting a cat flap into front door?

Allowing the cat to use the front door can put them in danger from Traffic; OK this could be a factor in the back entrance too, but usually from my experience more cars run along the front of homes than the rear.

For fear of sounding like a snob but installing a cat flap into your front door does affect the door aesthetic look. Also, you need to consider security by using the back entrance you normally have that extra layer of security of the back gate.

There are also a practical reason to if you have a composite door, installing a cat flap into it could invalidate the warranty. It is worth noting that it’s very hard to seal to manufacturer standard once you have cut the hole for the cat flap installation in a composite door.

Composite doors are much more energy-efficient and water-resistant than standard doors. They are made to be more secure than other door types and feature hardwood timber and robust colored thermoplastic skins.

We regularly install cat flaps into double glazing and glass, predominantly patio doors and French doors situated in the lounge.

Although this option is usually one of the largest pieces of glass in your home we try to advise customers to find a smaller alternative, a good spot sometimes is the sideboard window next to the patio door. Yes, the cat would have to climb the sideboard, but this is easily achievable for a healthy cat. Often clients retrofit a lower landing the other side or a bin or garden furniture would do the job just fine

Hope this assists you in making a decision on where to fit a cat flap for cat flap installation into glass and double glazing don’t hesitate to contact us.

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