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No, A Microchip Cat Flap is Not Too Small for Your Kitty!

Letting your kitty have the choice to use a cat flap so that she can move about as she pleases will make her happier.  Trust …

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Getting a New Cat Post Lockdown!

Are you thinking of getting a new cat now that the lockdown is over? Having a furry companion is great for your mental and physical …

Cat Out of Glass
Cat Flaps

Microchip Cat Flap, Batteries Not Included

The importance of using the correct batteries for your cat flap. One frustrating aspect of being a cat flap fitter is the fact that microchip …

brick wall

Fitting a Cat flap in Glass as Opposed to a Cavity Brick Wall

Fitting a Cat flap in Glass, Double Glazing or Cavity Brick Wall? As a prolific cat flap fitter, I often get asked the question of …

Cat Out of Glass
Cat Flaps

Thinking About Getting a Cat? A Cat Flap Fitters Guide to What You Should Consider

Firstly, have you lived with a cat before? Is there a chance that you could be allergic to them? If you have allergies to pollen …

Dual Scan

More Than One Cat? Then the Sure Petcare Dualscan Microchip Cat Flap Is For You!

Have you got more than one cat? Then take a look at the Sure Petcare DualScan cat flap. Even if you don’t currently need two …


A Cat Flap Fitters View on the Sure Petcare Revolutionary App Controlled Pet Door – No Ordinary Cat Flap!

Want some control over your pet’s comings and goings? Then you’ll love the new Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Door Connect! Just download the app and …

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Cat determined to wake you at night?!

Help, my cat sleeps all day and is a party animal at night! Like humans, cats go through phases, and can also get insomnia. Kittens …


Moving Home?! How to Prepare Your Cat for the Big Move….

Moving somewhere new is exciting – but also stressful – for you and your cat! Here is some advice on how to keep your cat’s …


The prefect Cat Flap for a sliding patio door.

The PET TEK clear cat flap perfect for a sliding patio door. Pet-Tek has nearly twenty years experience in the design and manufacture of pet …


Draughtproof Cat Flap?

As a cat flap fitter, I am often asked about draught-proofing of a cat flap – the answer is that there is no such product …


Cat Flap Fitting, Our top tips to assist successful installation.

Get your Cat used to the new cat flap It is always a good idea get your cat used to the cat flap first before …