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Some People argue that training your cats to use the cat flap is something which is not essential since they’ll learn by just `figuring it out`. They say a cat attraction of the outdoors is so appealing; cats are so curious they will paw and push the flap till they learn it may open enough to get out.

As Cat flap fitters we believe that there are tips and trick to assisting the cat in using the cat flap. When installing a Cat Flap for the new cat or kitten, this is just the ideal opportunity to undertake cat flap training in the home before introducing kitty to the garden. If you have a microchip cat flap is always best practice to get your cat’s microchip program to the cat flap before putting it through the glass.

Here are some successful tips through our many cat flap installations we have found to be helpful to a cat owner.

Hold the cat flap completely open with clothes pegs. This way, all your cats has to do is go through the hole, try it, it works once kitty has the hang of it remove the pegs, Kitty will continue to go through it now the flap is down.

Try ‘luring’ — placing your cat’s preferred toy, or meals treat inside the cat flap opening, so Kitty is attracted to the area. With Kitty then willingly to explore the cat flap, he’s going to locate something he evidently likes there — this can make the association that going close to the cat flap is fun

For kittens, little or timid cats, pressing their head through the flap may take quite a little effort, reward any sniffing, rubbing or pawing on the cat flap with your cat’s favorite treat.

Don’t worry how your cat opens the flap, few push the flap open with a paw and then push their head through, while others only push with their head. Allow your cat to apply the technique kitty prefers.

Visit our cat training page for more in-depth advice on training a cat to use a cat flap; we are cat lovers and experts in installation of cat flap into glass and double glazing feel free to write any comments.

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