Programming Your Microchip Cat Flap

Microchip cat flap training done in 10 seconds

Getting the Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap to recognize a new cat is as simple as pressing the learn button, yes you just press a simple button, the buttons even shaped like a cat.

Setting up your microchip CAT FLAP video

It is not then a case of hoofing the cat in question through the opening; Your Cat only needs to come close to the Cat Flap to trigger it, the latch will clatter to indicate that the process was successful.

Setting up your microchip PET DOOR video

The Sureflap doesn’t impose any time limits on you either, which means you can take your time. We all know how difficult it can be at times to get them to do as we ask.


Sureflap is compatible with all the following types of microchip commonly used for pets. –

15-digit microchips (also known as FDXB) –

10-digit microchips (also known as FDXA) –

9-digit microchips (also known as Avid Secure/Encrypted Chip)

Sureflap Pet Door

Larger in size than other cat flaps, the pet door is designed for large cats and small dogs

Curfew mode – set the door to lock and unlock at specified times. It can be set to lock at the same time each day

How to Train Your Cat to Use a Cat Flap

Your Cat

Squeezing through tight gaps may come natural to some cats but please beware that patience is needed to get your moggie to adapt to the new Pet Door or Cat Flap as well as its new surroundings


Try luring them through by offering them on of their favorite treats this in our experience is the quickest route to success.


All cats have different personalities and will learn to use the new cat flap at their own pace some will get it quickly, others will need a little more time and some encouragement but thats OK.


Most cats love to play with string and toys, get them exited and throw it through the doorway; likelihood is they will chase after it. ​


We suggest you prop open the doorway with tape or use clothes pegs, this will make it easy for the cat to pass through. Call them from the other side of the cat flap this will encourage them to pass through. ​

Meal Time

At meal time make them aware it is ready, pass it under their nose then place it the other side of the cat flap doorway. Now they must pass through the hole to eat it!