The prefect Cat Flap for a sliding patio door.

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Fitting a Cat flap in Glass as Opposed to a Cavity Brick Wall - Cat out of glass

The PET TEK clear cat flap is perfect for a sliding patio door.

Pet-Tek has nearly twenty years of experience in the design and manufacture of pet doors. Their focus on quality and a great look is one of many reasons why CAT out of Glass has decided to make the Pet-Tek Glass Fitting Maxi Dual Glaze Pet Door our default cat flap for glass installation.

This glass fitting slimline cat flap is ideal for use in sliding doors and windows. This Cat Flap is suitable for large cats and small dogs. It features a generous flap size, weather seal and is four-way to lock with an additional security pin.

Glass Fitting Medium-Sized Dog Door – This medium-sized glass-fitting dog door is ideal for fitting into double-glazed and will even work on most sliding doors! The generous flap size is supplied with a self-closing flap that is held in place by magnets and a weather seal.

The innovative design allows the Pet Tek to be fitted into sliding doors! All Pet Tek products are supplied with weather seals and self-closing flaps to prevent wind and rain from entering through the pet door.

We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters, I hope this assists you in making a decision on where to fit a cat flap, for cat flap installation advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us

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