More Than One Cat? Then the Sure Petcare Dualscan Microchip Cat Flap Is For You!

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Have you got more than one cat? Then take a look at the Sure Petcare DualScan cat flap. Even if you don’t currently need two sets of permissions for each cat, you will do so at some point, and that’s why we love the DualScan.

The DualScan from Sure Petcare is one of our favorites, but we think it is misunderstood or overlooked and isn’t as popular as it perhaps could be. It offers great functionality – its greatest strength is that it scans microchips both ways through the cat flap! With an ordinary microchip cat flap, any cat can get out of the house through it, but only ones registered to it can get back in again – with the DualScan, only cats registered to the cat flap can go out and come back in again. Really handy if you have a house cat for example that needs to stay in, or a cat that needs a vet visit and must stay in so you can get them to the appointment.

Should your house cat make a run for it when a door or window is open for example, then you can put the cat flap into its ‘Safety Mode’, which means your cat can enter back in again through the DualScan microchip cat flap. It’s not shut out for good!

The DualScan also offers four-way locking – however, as you can scan both ways anyway, this isn’t really necessary.

If you have more than one cat, then the Sure Petcare DualScan is a good investment. It allows you to keep one cat inside and let the others come and go as they like. Even if you don’t have a house cat, it is highly likely that one of your cats will need to visit the vet at some point. The DualScan allows you to keep that cat indoors so that you can get them to the vet and not worry about them wandering off outside and dodging their appointment! Programming is easy and you can easily change your cat’s permissions at any time.

s with other Microchip cat flaps, the DualScan obviously still prevents intruders from entering your home. Up to 32 pet identities can be held on the DualScan and they are still retained even when batteries are removed. A light will show when the batteries are running low so that they can be replaced in good time.

The DualScan also comes with a 3-year warranty giving you peace of mind.

As cat flap fitters, we can install the DualScan into glass doors and windows, the glass adaptor will also be required. Our customers predominantly ask for the Sureflap Microchip cat flap or Pet Door, and we feel that the DualScan is sadly overlooked, so we thought we’d give it some appreciation! We carry Sureflap Microchip Cat Flaps, DualScans, Microchip Pet Doors, and glass adaptors in stock at all times.

It is a good idea to research the cat flaps available and choose one that best suits your cat and its needs. You will also need to check the weight of your cat as this will affect your cat flap choice too. Your vet can weigh your cat or may hold a note on file of the last time they were weighed.

Thanks for reading! We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters. For cat flap installation and advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.

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