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Need reliable cat flap installation in Farnham? Look no further. Cat out of glass is your dedicated partner for delivering seamless and professional cat flap solutions to Farnham residents.

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Welcome to Cat out of glass, your go-to place for expert Cat Flap installation in Farnham. At Cat out of glass, our goal is to grant your pets access to the outdoors through a seamless solution.

With a genuine love for cats, we comprehend the frustration of having to open a window or door for your feline friend at inconvenient times, compounded by the persistent odor of the litter tray.

Our resolve remains firm: we are dedicated to providing a service that is swift, approachable, and thoroughly professional, effectively resolving the issue of sleepless nights brought on by ceaseless scratching and meowing at your door.

Precision is a hallmark of our bespoke service. We intricately shape glass to precise measurements, ensuring a flawless fit for the cat flap that we skillfully install. Our capabilities extend beyond installation to a comprehensive range of solutions. We don’t stop at replacing half doors with UPVc; we’re skilled at navigating the nuances of timber doors and panels, and we can even facilitate an upgrade for your existing cat flap.

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Experience seamless Cat Flap installation in Farnham with Cat out of glass. Our primary aim is to ensure that your adored pets can easily revel in the outdoors, without the need to open windows or doors at inconvenient junctures. Leave the vexations of the past in the rearview, and welcome a fresh sense of serenity.

Our firm commitment to promptness, accessibility, and professionalism is what sets us apart. You can rest easy knowing that we are here to rapidly overcome this challenge for you. Wave goodbye to the discomfort caused by continuous scratching and meowing.

When you decide on Cat out of glass, you’re making a choice for a comprehensive solution that enhances your pet’s freedom and elevates your own sense of tranquility. Our strategy is firmly based on delivering results, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your furry companions.

Installation into existing double glazing units? ​

Double glazing stands unmodifiable, given the toughened and airtight nature of the glass, which is custom-made. A brand new unit will be imperative.

Following the survey, a fresh double-glazed unit for your cat flap is subsequently crafted by a reputable double glazing manufacturer.

A hole for the cat flap will be meticulously carved in both glass pieces before they undergo the toughening process and are transformed into a double-glazed sealed unit.

Microchip V Classic Cat Flap ? ​

The typical cat flap doesn’t grant selective access, leaving your home exposed to the presence of other creatures like foxes that might enter and cause disruption to your cat. One of the most prevalent issues is the entry of other cats that can lead to spraying and marking your space. Featuring a scanner, the microchip cat flap reads your pet’s microchip and allows entry exclusively for cats that have been designated for that specific cat flap. This provides owners with the reassurance that only their own pet can enter and exit the home.

We Fit Cat Flaps Into


Opting for the back door is the usual preference for cat flap placement, typically involving a full-length or half-length double-glazed unit or a UPVC panel.


Mostly we fit cat flaps into double glazed french doors and Patio doors,


We are expert glaziers and fit over twenty cat flaps into glass & double glazing each a week; we will always give you our honest opinion.


For all cat flap installation into glass and double glazed units, we will need to measure the exact width, height & cavity of glass. 


Fitting Cat Flaps into small windows offers benefits as the cost of double glazing is charged per square meter, the smaller the pane of glass the cheaper the job.

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