Why we would advice you against fitting a cat flap in your front door.

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Previously I wrote on why we would not fit a cat flap into composite doors read the blog here. This blog also discusses why it is best to avoid the front of your home for access to the outside world for your cat.

I hope to clarify our opinion on Installing cat flaps into a front door.

Often we install cat flaps into uPVC. Indeed this is a common installation in back doors.

We take the glass out and replace with, a standard uPVC panel. Not only does it look good but it is a cost-effective way for our customers to install their cat flap.

So why the reluctance to install into the front door.? we would survey your door first before making a decision. We would not undertake it for the following reasons.

Some front doors have an aluminium skin to add strength, although reasonable easy to get through it is not ideal. It is highly likely that the door incorporates metal sheet for strength. We would not be prepared to cut through metal and plastic.

One of our main concern is the mouldings. The trouble is that those mouldings give that lower portion of the door a certain amount of rigidity, and the minute you cut through them, you will effect that strength. Also, Pet doors must be fitted on to a flat surface, so there will be interference between the grooves and a flat surface.

uPVC structural stability as a material is built in. It obtains its strength from the form of the moulding and sheet metal inside. By cutting out these mouldings and through the metal, you risk reducing the integrity of the door. Once we have made a hole in the door, it offers a route for water to get inside it, this will create water-logging and affect the sheet metal inside which will begin to rust

When replacing a uPVC panel in the back door should we get it wrong we could disregard that panel and fit a new one? Where we to make any mistakes With a front door? A new door will cost several hundred pounds. Even a cosmetic error would obvious and impossible to fix.

Genuinely I have witnessed many botch jobs of cat flaps fitted into into front doors. We get so many calls from clients trying to correct this problem. Usually, the causes are DIY jobs or handymen with very little experience who go around cutting holes for cat flaps into anything, they then acrylic round the cat flap and two months later rain starts coming in.

We have in the past had clients who want to sell their house and been forced to get a new door installed as prospective buyers are put off my shoddy cat flap fitted into their front door.

Sorry to get so righteous about the subject, we do on many occasion cut into uPVC, but only after a full assessment of the door.

We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters, I hope this assists you in making a decision on where to fit a cat flap, for cat flap installation into advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.

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