Can a cat flap be fitted into existing double glazing?

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When I survey, I often get asked if a cat flap can fit into existing double glazing.

People often look at me shocked when I proclaim that it cannot be done, in fact, I’m certain few people believe I’m not honest when I state this.

I assure you it’s true, ask any qualified glazier?

Unfortunately, a new double glazed unit will be required rather than fitting to existing glass.

Double glazing cannot be modified as the glass has to be toughened and air tight and are made to measure. If you did attempt you to cut into toughened double glazing, it would pop and crumble; it would look like a load of ice cubes on the floor. The logic in why it crumbles is to reduce injury to anybody from cutting themselves on shared of glass.

We will always require the width height and cavity of the double glazed unit to get a new one made. Otherwise, it just would not fit into your existing, wood, aluminum or UPVC frame

This new double glazed unit with cat flap is then made by a glass merchant. The glass merchant will cut out a vent hole for the cat flap in both pieces of glass before they go to be toughened and made into a double glazed sealed unit for your cat flap to fit nicely.

I hope this clarifies the subject of cutting a cat flap into a double glazed sealed unit visit our website for cat flap installation into glass and double glazing.

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