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Allowing your cat to come and go as they please is the primary benefit of cat flaps or pet doors. Not only can it make your pets life a lot easier, it is hugely beneficial to you the owners as well! No more loss of sleep from constant meowing and scratching at the door…

Therefore, when deciding on which cat flap to buy, it is good to consider the personality of your cat and how urban your neighbourhood is. And what is the age of your cat? Older cats are naturally less active. Do you have a dog? Usually, dogs can be a repellent for other cats entering your home.

Finally, it is important to bare in mind how many cats you have in your home – it is not unusual for an owner to own more than one cat and each cat has a different personality. You must consider the greater good when purchasing your cat flap.

So which type of cat flap is best for your cat and your home?


The Conventional Cat Flap

Although cheap to purchase, this has one main disadvantage in that it can allow in unwanted cats. Because it has no microchip facility, any cat can enter your home. The advantage is that as it has no battery pack or scanner attached to it, so it is sleek, and looks lovely in glass. Due to its slimline features, it is also compatible with sliding doors.

Clickk to view  Pet-Tek Glass Fitting Maxi Slimline

Compared to others, the pet tek,  in our opinion, is the best conventional cat flap on the market at the moment – unlike others, it is 4 way locking, looks modern whilst also being robust, and has a large flap size of 195mm (W) x 185mm (H). 

Standard Microchip Cat Flap

The most notable thing of course, is that this cat flap works by reading the microchip within your cat. Because the chip is unique to your cat, it will then only allow access to your feline and prevents other cats from coming in.

Whilst it is not necessary for your cat to be micro-chipped to use a microchip cat flap, if your cat doesn’t have a microchip you will need to use an RFID tag on their collar, which is battery operated.

Also especially relevant about this model is that although its scanner only allows your cat in, any cat can exit through it. So if you have a house cat that needs to stay in, this is not the option for you – read on for the ‘DualScan!’.

click on a link to view the Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

This is the original Sureflap model and is certainly the most popular and therefore arguably the very best microchip cat flap on the market. Sure Petcare own the patent on their technology, hence making it the world number one cat flap. This is a flap size of 142mm(W) x 120mm (H).

‘DualScan’ Technology Microchip Cat Flap

DualScan means you can program this cat flap to respond differently to different pets. Rather than letting any cat exit, you can programme it so that only certain cats can exit. For example, if you have a couple of cats and one of them is due to go to the vets on a particular day you can set up this cat flap so that the cat which is due to go to the vets won’t be allowed out while your other cat will be.

This is a particularly useful feature too for households with a house cat that stays in, or where you may also use this cat flap for a small dog that you may not wish to have the same level of freedom as your cat. Don’t worry, all animals are permitted back in through cat flap should they escape when they shouldn’t!

click on a link to view the DualScan Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

While the standard Sureflap Microchip cat flap is most popular, the DualScan is an often overlooked cat flap, which in our opinion is superior to its cousin `the microchip cat flap`. This is a flap size of 142mm(W) x 120mm (H).

Curfew Control Microchip Pet Door

Another option is this larger cat flap, better for larger cats and good for small dogs. Unlike the others listed above, it has a ‘Curfew Mode’: to program the door to lock and unlock at specified times (especially useful if you prefer your cat to be out during the day but inside at night). The pet door is battery operated, so no untidy wires.


click on a link to view the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door

Probably the best product on the market, pound for pound – it’s larger than the microchip cat flap with a flap size of 178mm (W) x 170mm (H), and offers curfew control and a double Lock Mechanism for increased security

App Controlled Microchip Pet Door with Hub

Last, but not least, the app controlled pet door. From anywhere in the world, you can choose when your pet comes in and out. Using your phone or tablet, just use the app to remotely lock and unlock the pet door. You can also receive notifications as to when your pet goes out to explore and when they re-enter the house again. Furthermore, it gives you an insight into their activity – when they go out, how long for, how many times etc. This can also indicate changes in behavior which in turn can be connected to their well being. The pet door is battery operated, so no untidy wires.

click on a link to view the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door Connect

Lunched in July 2017, this product has all the benefits of the Sureflap Pet Door, and the ability to control via app has its obvious benefits.



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