Fitting a Cat flap in Glass as Opposed to a Cavity Brick Wall

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Fitting a Cat flap in Glass as Opposed to a Cavity Brick Wall - Cat out of glass

Fitting a Cat flap in Glass, Double Glazing, or Cavity Brick Wall?

As a prolific cat flap fitter, I often get asked the question of what is best – fitting a cat flap in a brick cavity wall or through glass/double glazing. Of course, as a trained glazer I am always biased towards glass installation. Fitting a cat flap in glass has many advantages versus going through a wall.

One advantage of fitting a cat flap through brick is that it’s possible it can be done DIY with the correct power tools and skill set, whereas installing a cat flap through a double-glazed window cannot. I have previously written a blog on why you can’t cut through existing double-glazed units to fit a cat flap and why a new pane of glass/double-glazing has to be manufactured. 

A DIY cat flap install through your cavity wall may seem at first an obvious solution to the problem of allowing the cat access via a cat flap. Be warned that it is messy, time-consuming, and can be very stressful. Also, it is vital that for health and safety reasons, you are certain that no services/wiring is present in the wall before you attempt to bore out the brickwork.

If are not confident in your DIY skills to fit a cat flap through a wall yourself, then I`m in no doubt you will need to consult with a qualified builder to do it for you. Which again will still be messy, time-consuming and can be more expensive than installing a cat flap in glass.

With a cat flap in glass installation, the fitting can be fast and is much cleaner. With little to no dust or debris to clear away. Glass installations are usually more cost effective than going through brickwork and the cat will benefit from being able to view through the glass to spot any potential dangers/bullies before it exits.

Advantages of cat flap glass installation

Another advantage of installing the cat flap through glass is that should you choose to move home in the future, then the original pane of glass can be put back into the frame quickly and cleanly for the new owners/tenants. Rebuilding the cavity wall is a lot more difficult, stressful, and expensive.

If you are a tenant, then a landlord will never allow you to fit a cat flap through a cavity wall for fear of dilapidating the building. This is not a problem with fitting a cat flap in glass as by the nature of glass installs, the frame is designed to be opened so that glass can be changed and can easily be rectified (original glass put back in again) before you move out.

Furthermore, some potential house buyers will be averse to purchasing a home with a hole in the cavity wall. Another advantage of putting the original pane of glass back in is that you can take your cat flap with you to your new home saving you money on purchasing a new cat flap. Also, you never know, you may get lucky, and the pane of glass with a hole in it may fit into a frame in your new property.

In terms of heat loss, there is no difference in either, Both cat flap installation options will be draughty as cat flaps are by nature and sadly are not very energy efficient– I have previously written an in-depth blog on this subject.

A lot of modern houses are now made with about 25% more glass. Often, installing a glass window or door is an easy option. Some homes have floor-to-ceiling glass but you may be lucky and find a small side panel that would be perfect for a cat flap fitting.

If going through a wall is your preferred route or the only option you have for your home I strongly advise you to consult with a qualified builder first. Always ensure they have relevant building experience, qualifications, and insurance and that they can comply with all building regulations

Thanks for reading! We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters. For cat flap installation and advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.

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