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10 Reasons Why Microchip Cat Flaps Are So Great

If you are thinking about get a cat flap for your home or replace your existing one then here are plenty of grounds to get …

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App Controlled Microchip Cat Flap by Sureflap

As cat flap fitters we are often asked about timer controlled microchip cat flaps. I believe that finally, we have a better solution. Sureflap is …

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Was Isaac Newton the Inventor of the Traditional cat flap?

Isaac Newton applied his considerable brain power to work out what holds the universe together –Many historians believe Newton also to be the inventor of …

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What cat flap suit your needs the best?

Allowing your cat to come and go as they please is the primary benefit of Cat flaps or Pet Door. Not only can it make …

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Why we would advice you against fitting a cat flap in your front door.

Previously I wrote on why we would not fit a cat flap into composite doors read the blog here. This blog also discusses why it …

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Misted Window, When Installing a Cat flap Can Save You Money

Occasionally when fitting a cat flap into double glazing we can kill two birds with one stone, often conservatory windows or doors have misted up …

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How to Measure Glass for A Cat Flap.

As cat flap fitters we regularly install cat flap into double glazing. We are often asked how much does it cost to put a cat …

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When Can A Kitten Be Allowed Use a Cat Flap?

As Cat Flap fitters we regularly receive calls from customers who have bought new kittens.They are full of excitement about the arrival of the new …

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Cat Flap Fitter Tips on Getting Cat To Go Through The Cat Flap After Installation.

Some People argue that training your cats to use the cat flap is something which is not essential since they’ll learn by just `figuring it …

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Cat Flap Installation- Where Should You Install a Cat Flap?

It is often a headache to decide where to install a cat flap in your home. Sometimes you are restricted by the structure of your …

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Can a cat flap be fitted into existing double glazing?

When I survey, I often get asked if a cat flap can fit into existing double glazing. People often look at me shocked when I …