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Proud to be accredited cat flap fitters for Sure Petcare and Pet TEK

cat out of glass accredited sure petcare fitters
cat out of glass accredited cat flap fitter


The most usual place for a cat flap to be fitted is in the back door, which will either be a full length or a half length double glazed unit or UPVC panel


Commonly we fit cat flaps into double glazed french doors and Patio doors,


We are experienced glaziers and fit over twenty cat flaps into glass & double glazing each a week; we will always give you our honest opinion.


For all cat flap installation into glass and double glazed units, we will need to measure the exact width, height & cavity of glass. We are more than happy to survey free of charge. ​


Fitting Cat Flaps into small windows is desirable as the cost of double glazing is charged per square meter, the smaller the pane of glass the cheaper the job. ​

Lead Times

Customers are advised that its best to get us to survey ten days before you are ready to commit.

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