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A Cat Flap Fitters Guide to Looking After Your Cat in Winter

Cat out of glass

It’s been a chilly few weeks with more to come, and like us, a lot of the time our cats like to be indoors, keeping cosy and warm. However, there are some cats who just love being outdoors, despite the weather. This can be worrying as a cat owner, especially in the winter months as cold temperatures can be dangerous for our feline friends.


Cats can be out for long periods of time in cold temperatures, and could suffer from hypothermia if temperatures are low. It is a good idea to keep an eye on older cats and cats with short hair as they will be more at risk than young healthy cats and cats with more fur to insulate them. During the winter, it may be worth setting a timer on your cat flap to keep cats inside at certain times. You can also purchase an app controlled cat flap that gives you notifications when your cat re-enters the home and enables you then to lock the cat flap and keep your cat in the warm for a while.

If you are feeling the cold, chances are your cat will too. Cats will find warm places, including car bonnets, so do check around your car before you start it up. Your cat may also need more food in the winter to cope with the cold (please check with your vet) and they will also need access to fresh water that is not frozen over.

Please don’t be tempted lock your cat flap and keep your cat outside on a cold day for long periods – cats are pretty resourceful, and their coat thickens in winter, but they will still need help to survive the winter months.

Outdoor shelters can also be used for those cats that just like to be out of the house – just make sure the shelter is insulted, dry and still warm enough in very cold conditions. The shelter should be big enough for the cat, but not too big as it needs to hold in the cats body temperature. Maybe make a shelter within the garden shed? A purpose built box lined with straw as straw is good for helping to keep your cat warm. You will also need to check it regularly to make sure it is clean, and ensure that fresh, unfrozen water and food is available. Try not to put the water too close to the straw bedding as if it tips over, it will make the area cold and wet.

If setting up an outdoor shelter in a shed, then it may also be an idea to have a cat flap installed on the shed door or window so that it keeps out the wind and rain. As cat flap fitters we would also recommend a micro chip cat flap so that only your cat can get in. Saves the neighbours worrying where their cat is and also keeps out the foxes.

If you are worried about your cats behaviour or them being ill/too cold, then it’s always worth checking with your vet.

Thanks for reading! We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters. For cat flap installation and advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.

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