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Draughtproof Cat Flap

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I am often asked what is the most drought proof cat flap on the market? The answer is that their is no such product on the market!

The reason, the moment the cat flap is opened  it has created a drought hence no cat flap manufacturer can claim that it is drought proof. Now I think I have found the answer.
Ecoflap is simple to fit, easy clean, draught resistant, rattle free pet door. Made by the company who brought you the Ecoflap letterbox draught excluder. It was designed to stop the draughts and rattles associated with standard pet doors currently on the market. This pet door
is designed to help your home energy economy.
Using the same design principles as the letterbox, they state

“the PetFlap is an attractive animal-friendly design that will contribute to your home’s energy economy and comfort.”

The PetFlap by EcoFlap has a locking facility which is very useful to control access in and out of your home. This pet door is designed with the pet welfare in mind, so it has a gentle closing mechanism that won’t trap tails or paws
The standard size PetFlap by Ecoflap can be made small enough not to intimidate a kitten and is big enough for a terrier. The great thing about this product is that EcoFlap has the facility to create a bespoke size unique to your pet , I think this is exceptional and a break from the norm of standard sizing in the Pet door industry.
The Pet flap is a robust pet door designed and manufactured in the UK; It’s fitted simply to your door with silicone sealant. It retails at £69.99

We are cat lovers and expert cat flap fitters, I hope this assists you in making a decision on where to fit a cat flap,  for cat flap installation into advice please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.


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