Cat Out Of Glass Cat Flap Fitter, & Dog Door Installation Into Glass, Double Glazing, Wood & UPVC.

As a specialist cat flap fitter, Cat out of Glass`s mission is to solve the problem of allowing your pet access to the outside world.

As cat lovers we understand how frustrating it can be to have to open a window or door for your cat at an inconvenient time – the smell of the litter tray can be off-putting.

We will be fast, friendly, and professional in solving this problem, No more loss of sleep from constant scratching & meowing at the door.

Offering a bespoke service, the glass is made to measure and the cat flap is fitted as part of our service.  We can also replace half door with UPVc, cut through timber doors & panels, or swap your existing cat flap for an upgrade.

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Cat Flap Installation

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We are happy to measure for you when we are next in the area. You don’t necessarily need to be home when we come to measure, we can measure from the outside if access is easy? 

Installation into existing double glazing units? ​

Double glazing cannot be modified as the glass is toughened, air tight and made to measure. A brand new unit will be required.

After survey a new double glazed unit for your cat flap is then made by a double glazing manufacturer.

They will cut out a hole for the cat flap in both pieces of glass before they go to be toughened and made into a double glazed sealed unit.

Microchip V Classic Cat Flap ? ​

The Conventional cat flap does not allow selective access. This leaves your home vulnerable to other creatures such as foxes using the door to invade your home and harass your Cat. Most common problem is other cats getting in and spraying your space!  The microchip cat flap has a scanner that reads your pet’s chip and gives access to Cats that have been programmed to that specific cat flap. This gives reassurances to owners that only their pet enters and exits the home.

We Fit Cat Flaps Into


The most usual place for a cat flap to be fitted is in the back door, which will either be a full length or a half length double glazed unit or UPVC panel


Commonly we fit cat flaps into double glazed french doors and Patio doors,


We are experienced glaziers and fit over twenty cat flaps into glass & double glazing each a week; we will always give you our honest opinion.


For all cat flap installation into glass and double glazed units, we will need to measure the exact width, height & cavity of glass. 


Fitting Cat Flaps into small windows is desirable as the cost of double glazing is charged per square meter, the smaller the pane of glass the cheaper the job. ​

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Customers are advised that its best to get us to survey ten days before you are ready to commit.